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The environmental benefits from building green are beyond dispute. Furthermore, it is proven that green buildings deliver a suite of compelling economic and social benefits that conventional buildings do not deliver.

The best time to engage us is right at the start, when the project is still merely an idea. At this stage we can work with your design team to set the global performance requirements and work all the way though the details of specification, verification and implementation.

Want to showcase your building’s leadership in design? The BXG team can help you obtain certification to Green Star NZ, Homestar, LEED, Net Zero Energy, Living Building Challenge, NABERSNZ, and more.


In addition, we can help ensure your project complies with the Building Code for H1 (Energy Efficiency), G7 (Natural Light) and E3 (Internal Moisture).

It’s important to get your basic principles right, all the way from the get-go. The BXG can ensure your orientation, insulation, glazing, thermal mass and ventilation are working in your favour. This will ensure:

· You meet Green Building Thermal standards.

· Occupants are comfortable while reducing running costs for heating, cooling and ventilation.

Resource consumption (e.g. Energy, Water) accounts for a significant portion of a building’s operating costs. Optimizing these systems can quickly produce significant results with very little effort, reducing running costs while improving the building’s environmental footprint.

The BXG can work with either new projects that are still in design phase, or existing buildings that are looking to extract the most value out of the systems they already have.

Through our passion for renewable energy we keep abreast of technology advances to ensure the creation of smarter and more efficient energy systems. The BXG team can provide Independent advice (i.e. not tied to a particular supplier), Feasibility Analysis, Business Case, SystemsDesign and Specification, Compliance documentation and Construction monitoring.

In addition to our sustainability services we carry out applied and independent research. BXG also runs comprehensive training workshops that are relevant to the New Zealand green building sector.

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