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Solar swmming pool hot water suystem

Renewable Systems Consultancy




Renewable Energy Consultancy

  • Feasibility analysis, business case and design concept

  • Building renewable energy systems design and specification

  • Building consent issue and compliance documentation

  • Tender issue & construction drawings

  • Construction  monitoring


Home/Building energy management and smart optimization

  • Integration of renewable assets into various BMS's for controlled power diversion to specific loads. 

  • Peak load shaving/shifting  - design and automation

  • Homeowner/user smart-phone and tablet applications for remote management of your energy consumption.


Independent advice for all your renewable energy assets

  • Benchmark performance targets

  • Data collection, analysis and report

  • Performance tracking and verification of benchmark targets.

Celebrating our 14th year of experience in renewables, we provide consultation for solar, wind and hydro power generation technologies for residential, commercial and agricultural sectors. We present proven comprehensive solutions, providing feasibility analysis, financial viability reports, design, product selection, tender evaluations and construction monitoring. Our vision is to offer simple and compelling solutions to complex energy problems.

Through our passion for renewable energy we keep abreast of technology advances to ensure the creation of smarter and more efficient energy systems that meet both the Green Building and Home Star standards.

3.97 MW Installed

5.2 GWh Generated per year

72 Commercial buildings designs

1340 tCO2 emissions reductions / year

14 years experience

6,631 m2 solar panels installed

$3.8 million invested in renewables

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Are Onsite Renewables right for your company?

tWatch this webinar to learn methodologies and the financial case for commercial business onsite renewables as part of their journey towards Net Zero Carbon

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Solar explained in 90 seconds

Check out our quick educational video about how to build green!


Find out how commercial buildings can enjoy easy and smart solar solutions. 


We provide independent advice and simple solutions to complex energy problems!

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