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Building Performance Optimisation

Building Performance Optimisation

Building performance optimisation is an exciting concept. It’s all about extracting the maximum possible value out of any given amount of any given dollar spent on your project, whether it be a single residential house, a multi-unit apartment or a commercial building. We all like to see our money stretch further, and in the case of building resource consumption getting the most bang for your buck and maximising your building’s performance often go hand in hand!

Reduce costs by optimising resource consumption

Resource consumption (e.g. Energy, Water) costs account for a significant portion of a building’s operating costs. Optimizing these systems and installations can quickly produce significant results with very little effort. This will reduce running costs while improving the building’s environmental footprint during operation.

The Building Excellence Group can work with either new projects that are still in design phase, or existing buildings that are looking to extract the most value out of the systems they already have:

  • New Building Project Framework

  • Existing Building Framework

New Building Project Framework
Existing Building Framework
New Building Project Frameork & Existing Building Framework

Thermal modelling

The development of thermal models is now an integral part of the design process, in particular to demonstrate commitment to reduction of future energy use.

Thermal modelling can be used to evaluate and optimize the effects building envelope design, thermal mass, insulation and ventilation on thermal comfort, daylight levels and energy efficiency of heating and cooling systems.

Specification Guidance and writing

A home or building is a complex assembly of various products and systems. More often than not many of those are interlinked in the impact they bear on each other. It is important to ensure each product and system is optimised in its own right and maximises the potential benefits of the other products and systems it affects. A simple example is the relationship between energy using products and solar PV systems, the more you reduce energy demand in all aspects of the building’s heating, lighting and hot water needs, the more you can reduce the size of the solar PV system required to supply this need.

Once you have addressed all items pertaining to your energy needs, our specification guidance and writing services will ensure you also cover all essential aspects of water consumption, waste, sustainable materials, healthy indoor air quality, etc … providing you with a complete green specification solution for your project.

Energy management and smart Optimisation

In short, a home or building can (and should) take advantage of the benefits of modern day information Technology. Computers, sensors and software programmes can help with the perpetual adjustment and optimisation of thermal comfort, lighting levels and energy consumption. Solutions can range from a few simple sensors and smart sockets, to expensive and complex building management systems with predictive Energy Optimization (PEO) software. The team at BXG is able to assist in choosing the right solution for you.

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