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Homestar is a sustainable certification scheme that evaluates environmental attributes of housing in terms of energy, health, comfort, water, waste, and more. It aims to improve performance while reducing environmental impact. Homestar was developed by the New Zealand Green Building Council in partnership with BRANZ, Beacon Pathway and various experts in sustainability and building science.

Achieving a 6 Star rating in Homestar means a warmer, dryer and more energy-efficient home- something we all want. 

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How to get a 6 star rating in Homestar





The Building Excellence Group is the leading company in New Zealand when it comes to Homestar consultancy and certification. Our team, who consist of Homestar Assessors as well as Homestar Auditors (meaning we audit other Assessor's work), have been involved and collaborated with the New Zealand Green Building Council right from the early days of Homestar and have helped with multiple technical reviews of the rating tool and its criteria. This means you are in the best possible hands to make your project run smoothly.


Homestar does not endorse particular products or brands. To identify which products comply with the requirements of Homestar and can help you achieve points in your Homestar rating please refer to independent third party verification entities such as EnviroSpec



Benefits of Homestar

Global research has shown that homes with performance ratings sell and rent faster, for higher prices than non-rated homes. An Auckland City Council cost/benefit analysis of Homestar participation suggests a 2% or $6000 increase in building cost for an average-sized 3-bedroom home, yet for this investment the new home will save up to 50% energy and 40% water, improve health and comfort, increase property value and rental returns, and most importantly, provide a payback in 5.5 to 7 years due to renewable energies and more efficient resource use.


Homestar certification is good for the environment, your health, and your wallet.


The Key to Success

Homestar gives you an independent rating of your home and unbiased advice based on reliable information


It all starts with the basic structure of your home and how much sunshine it gets, but there are lots of factors that make it better or worse than the next home.


When thinking about having your house Homestar™ certified it is important to get the advice and support you need to make sure your project runs smoothly. The best time to engage BXG as your Homestar professional is right at the start, when the house or residential building is still merely an idea in your head. Not only can BXG provide design advice to yourself and the architect, but we can point out the type of documentation you will need to collect as you go along to be able to validate your project at the end.


What really matters when it comes to home performance?

Getting the basics right is really important - you need to look at a wide range of features in your home, because heating, insulation, lighting, even water efficiency and the materials used, are all related. BXG offer a concept design service that can ensure your project is setup from the get-go to achieve the Homestar requirements in this area.


Ready to sell your home?

It’s a great time to get a professionally Certified Rating done that proves all those good things you already know about your home, or that your recent renovations all stack up for the next buyer. BXG Can help you by undertaking a full, formal rating – get in touch with us to discuss –


How about buying a new house?

A Certified Rating proves to you that it has been well designed and built from the start – ask your real estate agent for a Certified Rating to see if the designer/builder has considered it during the build process. If they don’t have one, ask them to get one done. It’s about making sure you know how well the house is going to perform, and it gives you an indication of how much it will cost to run it in the future.


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