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NABERSNZ™ is a scheme to measure, rate and improve the energy performance of office buildings in New Zealand. An independent NABERSNZ Certified Rating shows exactly how well a building uses energy, compared to other commercial office properties. Certified Ratings range from 0 to 6 stars: the more energy efficient your building, the higher your rating. Through the process of undertaking the Certified Rating, your Accredited Assessor can help you identify ways to improve energy use and reduce operating costs.


Commercial buildings in New Zealand account for 9% of our total national energy use, and 21% of electricity use. This includes energy used for lighting, heating, air conditioning, IT and other services. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) estimates that around 25% of this energy can typically be saved cost-effectively, through greater efficiency.


There are three types of NABERSNZ ratings:

  • base building

  • tenancy

  • whole building


NABERSNZ is based on the successful Australian NABERS rating scheme, which has been adapted for New Zealand office buildings. NABERS and NABERSNZ are owned by the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage in Australia. NABERSNZ is licensed to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) in New Zealand. NABERSNZ is administered on EECA’s behalf by the New Zealand Green Building Council.


Why get a NABERSNZ Certified Rating?

NABERSNZ™ is a tool to help property owners and tenants assess and improve building energy performance. A NABERSNZ Certified Rating provides a clear view of how well a building or tenanted space is using energy. But just as importantly, it is a tool to help you improve. Your Certified Rating will show you how energy efficient your building is, compared to similar buildings. This will give you a clear baseline from which you can plan to improve.


NABERSNZ for owners

If you own a commercial building, getting a NABERSNZ Certified Rating will:


  • Allow you to benchmark your building against others.

  • Allow you to track energy performance improvements.

  • Make your building more attractive to tenants and improve your ROI.

  • Show tenants and the market how your building compares to others.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to energy management and environmental responsibility.

  • Improve your brand and reputation.


NABERSNZ for tenants

Even if you lease your office space, there are many benefits to getting a NABERSNZ Certified Rating. It can:


  • Help identify ways to reduce energy costs.

  • Help engage staff in saving energy.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to energy management and environmental responsibility.

  • Improve your brand and reputation.

Why improve energy efficiency?

Energy efficient buildings have numerous advantages:


  • Lower operating costs – optimising a building’s systems and infrastructure improves energy efficiency, and means lower energy bills, and reduced overheads.

  • Higher occupancy – higher rated premises offer lower operating costs, so are more attractive to tenants.

  • Improved working environment – heating, cooling and lighting work well in energy efficient buildings, so the internal environment is often more pleasant.

  • Better return on investment – energy efficient buildings may attract higher rents as they’re in greater demand from tenants.

  • Reduced maintenance costs – a well-running, energy efficient building is less likely to need system upgrades and is less prone to break-downs, saving time and money.

  • Improved capital value – higher rated buildings tend to be more in demand by tenants looking for good value leasing, offering building owners a secure rental stream.

  • ‘Future-proofing’ for tenant demand – as energy costs and environmental awareness increases, demand for energy efficient buildings is also likely to increase.

  • Improved environmental performance – an energy efficient building uses fewer resources and has lower greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Improved corporate image – demonstrates environmental responsibility and can benefit brand and image.


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