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Net Zero Energy Building Certification


Net Zero Energy is a sought-after goal for many buildings around the world. All such buildings rely on exceptional energy conservation and on-site renewable generation to meet all of their heating, cooling and electricity needs. Yet, many buildings that claim to be Net Zero in fact are not; actual Net Zero Energy buildings are still rare. The Institute's Net Zero Energy Building Certification™ (NZEB) is the only program in the world that verifies net zero energy building performance. NZEB is one of three certification paths under the Living Building Challenge.


We’ve substantially simplified our Zero Energy Building Certification program so you can take your project to the finish line. Here’s what we’ve done:

  • SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY: The streamlined Zero Energy Certification process and Documentation Requirements reduce the barrier to entry and will help you save time and cost. Performance information is clearer and more straightforward. Documentation Requirements can be accessed here

  • SOLE FOCUS ON ENERGY PERFORMANCE: The Certification process takes you directly to the heart of the matter: net zero energy performance. Previous requirements included the Living Building Challenge Imperatives: Limits to Growth, Beauty, and Inspiration and Education, have been removed.

  • REFINED AND SHORTENED PROCESS: The previously required auditor site visit no longer applies, but the Certification still maintains the integrity of a third-party, complete review of actual zero energy performance.

Zero Energy Certification continues to require 12 consecutive months of zero energy performance for a project, without the use of onsite combustion (note that there are several exceptions to the combustion limitation).

You’ll enjoy the credibility provided by third-party certification of real net zero energy performance from one of the most valued sources for sustainability. You’ll also join a community of the people behind the world’s most efficient, carbon neutral buildings.

Think N.Z.E.B. is something for you?

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